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New Hope Academy is fully accredited and registered with the State of Florida under Statute 617. As such, we are not affected by the state’s home education program requiring registration with the public school superintendent. As a 617 school, we may accept students from any county in the state of Florida. Families may not enroll with New Hope Academy and register with the public school system. New Hope Academy (NHA) realizes that as an educational organization we have obligations to our enrolled families.

New Hope Academy will:

1) Provide a website;

2) Provide the NHA Parent-Teacher Manual containing rules, important dates, and anticipated financial obligations;

3) Provide an opportunity for standardized testing;

4) Provide online recordkeeping for Parent-Teachers and maintain student transcripts and records;

5) Provide Honor Society for qualifying high school students;

6) Oversee and assist with dual enrollment registration, online course registration, and scholarship opportunities;

7) Communicate with parents and students all expectations, using the contact information the parent provides;

8) Provide support and academic advice to enrolled families.


Your child is a student of New Hope Academy. Do NOT use the term “home-schooled” when discussing the educational status of your child. This is especially important when registering them for any type of program or official (work, educational) position. When your seniors apply to colleges, be sure to denote the private school status because a reference to “home-schooling” may result in additional scrutiny of their coursework and possibly added entrance requirements.

On the positive side, for those who are members, New Hope Academy is a private school consisting of parent-teachers registered with us, who educate their children at home. As such, you, the parent-teacher, are responsible to research and define your program of studies. The administrative personnel of New Hope Academy are, like you, parent-teachers, and are willing to help you but must not be expected to “carry” you through every option, decision, and facet of educating at home. Be considerate of their time. With this in mind, please understand the following requirements:

Parent-Teachers must:

1. Research options for educational methods and curriculum.

2. Educate themselves thoroughly regarding the education of their child(ren). This can be accomplished through workshops and conferences.

3. Have a thorough understanding of the NHA Parent-Teacher Manual and the rules that govern NHA parent-teachers and students.

4. Maintain diligence in the supervision of their students at all New Hope Academy functions.

5. Maintain consistent communication with NHA.

6. Submit all required documentation by the due dates, including financial obligations.

7. Adhere to the Dress and Behavior Policies for both parent and student.

8. Oversee the education of their child(ren).

9. Check the NHA website routinely for all current news.

10. If your student needs special care or monitoring during testing and/or other school activity, YOU, the parent-teacher, must provide oversight. NHA does not provide this service.